Are you looking to start or progress your career as a speech pathologist?

While we are always on the lookout for the right person to join our team, we believe that we have created something special here at Unity Speech Pathology and so it is important to us that we hire the right person. We don’t hire staff just to grow the business. We take the time to ensure a potential employee will complement our team and will be a good fit for our clinic.

Read on to see if you could be one of the dedicated clinicians with the right blend of personal attributes and professional skills to join our team.

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Unity Speech Pathology is a small clinic that operates on the premise that people come first. The name ‘Unity’ was chosen to reflect our belief that positive outcomes for clients are improved when speech pathologists, clients and their families all collaborate and work together as a unified team with a shared goal.

We may not have all the bells and whistles that the big clinics have, but we have heart and soul and an exceptionally talented and professional team. We value our staff and our clients and strive to create a working environment that benefits everybody.

If you are an empathetic therapist who thrives in an ethical, professional, and supportive environment, then you might be the right fit for Unity. We are looking for people who typify our ethos by displaying qualities such as kindness, empathy, hard work, willingness to learn, and generosity of spirit.

Our clinicians are given autonomy and respect backed by professional one on one mentoring. We are interested in hearing from clinicians who are dedicated and passionate about their field of work and who will grow and learn with us. The right person will welcome the opportunity to be mentored, will reflect on their own practice, and be willing to incorporate new knowledge and advice.

Unity puts people over profits. We want therapists who are operating at their best and can provide optimal care for clients. We don’t want burnt out therapists, so we tailor your caseload specifically to you.

We understand that individual needs vary, and different stages of life bring different priorities and demands, so we are open to negotiating terms and calendars. We also realise that admin tasks consume valuable time and sometimes staff need time to catch up on errands or to recharge so we allocate one day per week where therapists can choose whether to work from home or in the clinic.

If you work for Unity Speech Pathology, you will be working with an exceptional director who is passionate about his field of work and wants to see other therapists grow and thrive in the industry.

If you think you would be a good fit for our clinic, get in touch to arrange a confidential chat or send through a copy of your resume.