Andrew Watt

Andrew is a caring and friendly speech pathologist who is passionate about communication.

He is the principal speech pathologist and director at Unity Speech Pathology.

Andrew enjoys working with school aged children and adolescents. He has a special interest in language, speech, literacy, and social communication development.

Andrew holds a Master of Speech Pathology from Flinders University. He is a recipient of the Speech Pathology Association of Australia Prize for outstanding academic and clinical achievements, based on a weighted grade point average throughout the course.

Andrew is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist (CPSP) and member of Speech Pathology Australia.

Andrew values ongoing learning and development. He is Hanen certified and a registered Sounds-Write Linguistic Phonics Practitioner.

After years of working with young people with additional needs and their families, Andrew noticed that so many of his clients presented with co-occurring mental health challenges. This led him to further studies in mental health to allow him to help people more holistically. He is currently undertaking a Master of Science in Medicine (Trauma-Informed Psychotherapy) at the University of Sydney. He aims to use the skills from this advanced training to enhance his clinical work and help his clients achieve their best.

Andrew has worked in regional and metropolitan centres. He values diversity and has worked with Indigenous and migrant communities. He also has experience as a research assistant in Singapore and an English teacher in Japan.

Andrew has worked in private practice, schools and youth detention. He has also worked in aged care, disability, and rehabilitation settings.

Andrew is a practical clinician that loves working with people. He has also had some academic work published.

Andrew enjoys spending time with his family, including his two young children, staying fit and healthy, and learning new things.